(Without Increasing Sales, Working More Hours or Taking on More Debt)

Ready to Master Profitability? 

Introducing: The Profit Plus System!

Let Us Help You Beat The Fear Using Mindset Mastery!

Are you barely breaking even or losing money each month? Our #1 objective at Profit Plus Advisors is to help you put more money back in your account FAST.  

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • How to Use FEAR to Propel You Forward! 
  • Know Your Why So You Can Unblock Yourself From The “Should” Do It To The I “Want” To Do It. 
  • Get In The Mindset For Success So You Are Unstoppable! 

"After hiring Profit Plus Advisors I started feeling like I had more control over the business' direction, more peace of mind that I am going in the right direction, and I am on target to reach my goal of doubling my business sales for 2017. "- Nancy Sawyer

Losing Money Every Month?

Not sure where you are bleeding out each month? Not sure where to turn to figure it all out? Start with the Cash Flow Quick Fix to put each of your monthly, quarterly, and annual expenses under the microscope!

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • Sleep Better at Night Knowing You are Putting more Money Back in Your Bank and FAST at that!
  • Finally Have a Pulse On The Health of Your Financials 
  • Be Able to Answer the Question: “Where Is All of Our Money Going?” 
  • Know How to Apply a Simple Process for Moving Through Your Expenses to Support Every Stage of Growth in Your Business! 

Do You Know Your Numbers?

Are you intimidated by your financial reports each month? Perhaps you even avoid looking at them because you are too afraid to know your numbers. Let Profit Plus Advisors remove your hesitation and give you the tools you need to start working the system now!

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • Utilize the Step-by-Step Instructions to Run Your Profit Analysis to Determine the Current State of Your Business Finances! 
  • You’ll Discover Your Suggest Operating Percentages and Be Able to Pinpoint Exactly Where to Start Fixing Your Business! 
  • We’ll Teach You How to Calculate Your Basic and Custom Allocations So You Can Start Moving the Needle Towards Profitability!  

"I was strapped for cash and they patiently worked with me and helped turn things around. Now we're busier than ever, and we're very profitable! "- David Lano


Unsure how much you should be putting towards operating expenses? Savings? PROFIT? Use the Profit Plus Cash Management System to determine the percentages you should be using to run your business! 

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • Develop a Cash Management System for Your Business that will GUARANTEE PROFITS! 
  • You’ll Know Exactly How Much You Should Be Spending to Operate Your Business and Be Profitable from Your First Deposit! 
  • Every Dollar in Your Business will Automatically Be Working Harder for YOU (Not the Other Way Around)! 
  • You’ll Be Eliminating Waste and Running Lean and Mean!  

Need a Blueprint to Eliminate Debt? 

Ever been told that debt is smart? LIES! Let us show you why! Then let us help you escape the debt trap using our Debt Free Business Blueprint! 

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • Commit to Living Debt Free By Adopting the 5 Traits of Debt Free Living! 
  • Create a Plan to Eliminate Your Debt Utilizing Profit Plus’s 3 Key Steps. 
  • Learn to Create a Monthly Budget to Create Long-term Healthy Habits! 
  • Be 100% Confident that You Have a Plan for Emergencies Without Having to Go Back Into Debt!  

"Through Profit Plus Advisors, I was able to run my business with a lot of automation and standardizing processes which reduced my costs and gave me back the freedom of my time."- Cindy Noelk


Ever wondered why your profitability doesn’t increase just because you sell more? Let us show you how to drive bottom line profit by implementing strategic pricing! 

What You’ll Accomplish:  

  • How to Determine the Profitability of a Product or Service and Figure Out Which Products and Services are Most Profitable in Your Business! 
  • Begin to Answer the Right Questions. Are You Holding Your Sales Staff Accountable for Sales Benchmarks? Are Your Marketing Dollars Promoting Your Most Profitable Products/Services? 
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Not Being a Sales Person!  


What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and one of your key employees didn’t show up and you couldn’t replace him? What would you do? 

  • Learn to Ask the Right Questions About Every Position in Your Company.  
  • Gain More Freedom, Better Follow Up, and Create a Unique Experience for Customers! 
  • Create an Abundance of Efficiency Within Your Current Operations! 
  • Scale Your Company Without Having to Hire on a 1:1 Ratio!  


Overwhelmed with where to start? Need a little direction? We are here to help. Let our experts help you out! We will get you started on the path to profitability!


Have you ever felt like you are on this journey alone? Join our MEMBERS ONLY Profit Plus Facebook Group where you will find a community of likeminded entrepreneurs all supporting each other and spurring one another on!


Profit Plus System Training Workbooks:  

Enhance your learning as you progress through the system with this complete course workbook full of visual examples and fill in the blank style questions to help increase retention of the strategies you’re going to learn.

The 5 Numbers You MUST Know To Get Profitable:  

In order to turn your business into a profitable one, there are five core numbers you MUST know. In this guide, you’ll learn what those numbers are and why they are critical to the success of your business!

Top 50 Ways to Cut Expenses FAST:  

Know you need to cut expenses but not sure where to start? In this guide, we’ll give you 50 different expenses you could cut that you may not have thought about!

[CHECKLIST] 50 Ways to Cut Expenses:

Need help keeping track of each of the expenses that are applicable to your situation while also holding you accountable in following through to cut each of the expenses. This checklist is it!

About Your Presenters

Brandon Stuerke, Co-founder

Still in his mid 30’s, Brandon Stuerke is already recognized as a visionary in the financial services industry. He’s been featured in several national publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, Life Insurance Selling, Senior Market Advisor, as well as NAIFA’s Advisor Today. The media loves Brandon because his story combines knowledge and success – without hype.  

Brandon learned the financial services industry from the ground-up, spending his first five years in the industry with MetLife, learning the mechanics of the industry before venturing out to start his own firm Golden Financial Group in early 2006. After becoming frustrated with the lack of results of standard approaches to marketing, Brandon began pioneering truly innovative new approaches to marketing.  


Jennifer Dawn, Co-founder

Jennifer Dawn began her entrepreneurial career selling apples off her grandfather’s tree because a lemonade stand was so “yesterday”. At 23, Jennifer founded a software company and grew it from nothing to seven figures and then went on to become the Software Division President for a $54M manufacturing firm. She was then asked to lead and mentor a national network of women entrepreneurs and discovered a love for coaching.  

She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker.  

Jennifer is dedicated to creating positive change in the lives of entrepreneurs globally. She uses heart centered and authentic principles to guide business owners in building financially solid companies which in turn support and nourish overall well-being.


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